Neumo prize in online BCI competition for TNTL team using deep learning methods

Competing in the BCI hackathon at IEEE SMC 2018 in Miyazaki, the team from the Translational Neurotechnology Lab (TNTL) Freiburg won the neumo prize. Martin Völker, Felix Heilmeyer and Joos Behncke formed together with Genji Kawakita and Ahmed Azab the group that had to build, within 24 hours, a setup controlling a 3D printed orthosis by using motor imagery (demo). Succesfully, they could implement a system relying on the open source toolbox Braindecode, built to decode raw time-domain EEG using deep learning. 

SMC Hackathon 1.jpg 

SMC Hackathon  2.jpg

 Team members Martin and Genji recieving the neumo prize

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