Martin Völker


  Translational Neurotechnology Lab
  University Medical Center Freiburg 

  Engelbergerstraße 21
  79106 Freiburg

  Email: martin.voelker@uniklinik-freiburg.de   


About me

2013 - B.Sc. Biology. Bachelor's Thesis "A BCI for online control of robotic devices" at the iEEG and Brain Imaging Group in cooperation with the Machine Learning Lab Freiburg.
2015 - M.Sc. Biology (focus: neuroscience). Master's thesis: "Error-related brain responses in high-density EEG", iEEG and Brain Imaging Group Freiburg.
Since 11/2015 -  PhD Student - Graduate School of Robotics, Freiburg

Current Work

Development of a brain-computer interface (BCI) for paralyzed patients. The aim is control of autonomous robots with cognitive high-level signals decoded from EEG, ECoG or stereo EEG.





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